Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter has Arrived.

Goals in progress for today: #3 Have a meal/coffee/visit with a friend or family member twice a month#11 Turn up the music and clean for an hour every Sunday, #12 Visit one kitschy/specific/small museum or attraction every month, and #5 Document my year by taking a picture (with me in it!) every week.

I assume I am not the only person who feels like they lose days when the holiday season comes around.  Ever since Thanksgiving the days seem to be passing as if they're training for a marathon.  In the insanity that is holiday planning I have managed to get a little bit of stuff done.  I'm still taking guitar lessons for #2 Learn to play a song on the guitar and while we haven't met in a few weeks, the French lessons are still on the calendar for #23 Learn French.  The BF and I are going to Chicago in March for a concert and we'll be taking the train from here which will allow me to cross #27 Take a train trip off the list.  I've been taking the stairs at work to help prepare for #16 Take the stairs to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors monument, although I think the 45 stairs I've been walking up don't compare to the 335 in the monument. 

Since we last met I've gone out with my friends a couple of times, but since I probably don't go out of my way to spend enough quality time with the BF (even though we live together) I'm going to count this past weekend as one of December's #3 Have a meal/coffee/visit with a friend or family member twice a month.  We went to Ohio for a Columbus Blue Jacket's game and stayed the night in a fancy hotel.  I got to see some great hockey, and during one of the intermissions there were little kids who played. 

On our way to Columbus we stopped at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton.  It was free, which is my favorite price, and it was HUGE.  We didn't have enough time to see everything so we'll be going back, but what we did see was really cool.  We focused our time in the Cold War gallery and the Space and Missile gallery.  I feel a little silly in saying this, but I had absolutely no idea missiles are as large as they are.  I thought the big ones were maybe 7 feet tall.  Wrong.  I'm excited to go back to see everything we missed! 

Saturdays have been working much better for me than Sundays for #11 Turn up the music and clean for an hour every Sunday.  This week was no exception, and I cleaned before we left for Ohio.  It was nice to come home to a clean house, especially after such an exhausting drive home through the snow.  I met with my awesome knitting group and was given an challenge from Jessica on #24 Publish a knitting pattern.  She has a slight obsession with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and has asked me to consider a capelet from the show as my pattern of choice.  I've never watched a single episode of the show, so I have no idea what the capelet looks like, but I'm going to check it out and if it's within my very limited abilities I'll try it. I had originally planned on a hat or pair of socks, but perhaps this is just the ticket. 

I seem to have failed to post a picture for last week, so along with this week's here are my #5 Document my year by taking a picture (with me in it!) every week pictures.  Last week's was taken in a dark car on my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality.  This week's is me in front of a F-94C Starfire at the Air Force Museum.

Have a great week everyone! 

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