Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writer's Cramp

Goals in progress for today: #8 Send 10 handwritten letters, and #2 Learn to play a song on the guitar.

There's a lot of planning to be done for this project.  I've been looking up kitschy/quirky museums, researching train routes, finding patterns for the crocheted hat, and today, I signed up for guitar lessons.  Starting tomorrow I'll be taking weekly guitar lessons at a local music shop.  Originally I had hoped to have the BF help me with #2 Learn to play a song on the guitar, but after some trial and error, I think it would be best for me to take lessons from someone else.  I'm a little emotional, and I tend to get frustrated really easily, but I can usually push past those things if I'm around someone I don't know very well.  It also cuts down on my whining, which I'm sure the BF appreciates. 

I've added a couple more things to the list.  I'll be taking a trip on a train, probably to Chicago over a weekend in March, and I'll be spending a weekend away all by myself.  I come from a very large family, and now I live in a small-ish house with 2 other adults, 2 dogs, and a cat, so I don't get a lot of alone time.  I think this will be a fantastic thing for me.  I'll be trying to come up with inexpensive ideas for my Me Weekend, and perhaps I'll be able to incorporate some of my other goals while I'm at it. 

My first handwritten letter will be dropped in the mailbox later today, which means I've now officially started #8 Send 10 handwritten letters.  I was wondering out loud who I should send one to, and my coworker suggested I send one to a family member who I rarely talk to, and see even less.  I told her I don't talk to that side of the family that often (not out of conflict or anything, just sheer distance), and her response was "that's exactly why you should send them a letter".  Touche, salesman.  The letter is relatively short (2 pages) but my arm was KILLING me after I wrote it!  Perhaps that should be an indication to me that I'm not doing enough letter writing.

Thanks for reading, and keep in mind: I still need 2 more things for my list!


  1. It is so funny that you wrote about this today. I have a little something for you that will help you with this endeavor. I think your co-worker was spot on, that is the perfect recipient type to get a letter. And I can tell you, as someone working on my family history, I cherish all the old letters my ancestors kept. Future generations will really miss out on that stuff now that we only email... but we have blogs to and that is a bonus! I'll rack my brain about your last two things on your list! Good Job! Keep up all the hard work!

  2. Where are you taking guitar lessons? I've been thinking about busting out my fender again and learning a few things....